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Winterboard for the iOS 7 jailbreak was upgraded and presently the hunt for upgraded Winterboard jailbreak motifs is on! Though I am certain there are some I am losing, here are a couple of the most effective iOS 7 Winterboard jailbreak motifs I Have found. Give them a go!

Space Blueberry topic is a fresh one for certainly one of my own favorites, plus iOS 7. This topic is delivered to us by highdetalio. The topic gives a nearly animated sense to iOS 7, and offers more than 70 distinct themed icons to your jailbroken device. Additionally — it is totally free! Space Blueberry iOS 7jailbreak topic might be located the Large Supervisor Repo on Cydia.

Another favourite Winterboard topic of mine, Signa by TheHexEditor turns iOS 7 icons in to something like melted sweet drops, having white outline and a sophisticated color scheme for the icon images, these motif can look wonderful with a broad variety of backgrounds.

Vague 7 is a fresh grayscale Winterboard topic made for the iOS 7jailbreak and seems quite sharp on a solid-colored or gradient background. The icons possess a black backdrop and uncomplicated white icon images that provide the topic a classy polished look. The motif can be acquired now to the ModMyi repo for one dollar.

See-Through is virtually the inverse of 0bscure 7, providing iOS 7 jailbreak customers a motif that's reminiscent of etched frosted-glass. The straightforward layout should operate nicely with wide range of backgrounds.

Flat7 is possibly among the most famous iOS 7 topics for the jailbroken iPhone and ipodtouch thus significantly. This motif provides a great number of programs redesigned to master the level layout that included iOS 7. With the motif users can decide to empower 1 of 2 distinct overlays via Winterboard, providing both a round or hexagonal in form to the icons. That upgrade is arriving shortly, while the motif isn't presently compatible with I pad.

Flat7 is taken by oil7 and offers it an oil-based paint complete and is intriguing enough to likely get some to download it and try it out for a time.
M'Flat is an original motif that ought to be especially satisfying to those that love nature as the several of the icons have nature surroundings in the back ground or normal dull color schemes, getting tints of pine green, gray, blue and also other washed-out natural seeming outside shades. This Winterboard topic yet can't be located on Cydia at now. So that you can install this topic you would have to put the M'flat iOS 7.motif file in the Winterboard listing /Library/Themes/ utilizing a device such as for example iFile, iExplorer or I funbox. To get the icons and find out in regards to the motif.

Soft Re-Mix is just another popular Winterboard re-mix of iOS 7 and is situated from the Suave HD motif. The jailbreak motif adds more and more will make your UI a good soothing something to have a look at and supported icons each day. - Comments: 0

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